Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor PC Game Download Free

Legends of Honor is an excellent interesting video game ever. This game is fast-paced PvP combat with strategic empire building in a medieval landscape. In this free pc game legends of honor, you will see the rise and fall of Empires and heroes. In this marvelous game, you need to gather your armies and troops and prepare yourself for battle. You can download Legends of Honor free from Sporttclub.


In this great browser game Legends of Honor, you will feel yourself like a medieval ruler of the castle. Welcome to the Middle Ages when all the rulers lived in the castles surrounded by high stone walls and a ditch with water. If you are thinking that it is really boring then I can say that you are on a mistake to understand it because this time has been extremely amazing. In this free pc game Legends of Honor, you can do of your choice and liking. You can build constructions, explore territories, or attack neighbors and expand your lands. Lots of variants, you know. So don’t lose time and play the game Legends of Honor totally for free right from your browser. In the game, you are the owner of the castle surrounded by dense forests and rocks, quite a good position! Build Woodcutters’ huts Stone quarries, Farmhouses to produce resources and provide all the townfolks with them. You don’t need to be upset if something goes wrong or unwanted. You may get help from Pretty Jasmin, so look through the detailed tutorial to get the hang of everything.

Legends of Honor

There are various buildings at your disposal: production buildings as I have already mentioned will help you get resources while decorations improve the citizens’ mood and they will work and fight better. You can also amuse your citizens while building a gallows and graveyard, it’s weird but it’s a fact. You should also build civic buildings as Treasury, Storehouse, and Citadel – these buildings are of vital importance in every castle. All the constructions can be upgraded, don’t forget about it. In the game Legends of Honor, walls rise and castles crumble in the blink of an eye, so gather your forces and prepare your heroes for battle! Join the feudal war between 3 factions and make your army the strongest in the whole kingdom! Recruit units, equip them with powerful weapons, and invade the enemies’ lands! Keep in mind that only your army can help you withstand the forces of the opponent, so don’t spare on the weapons and armor! Fortune favors the bold, so follow your own way! Become a mighty commander in the game Legends of Honor and destroy your enemies’ castles! This game is also called A STRATEGY BROWSER GAME FOR LEGENDS.

Legends of Honor

Features of the Game

• Game language: English

• 5 key resources

• 3 main areas of activity: building, wars, and land development

• all kinds of castle upgrades

• the system of military alliances

• grandiose PvP-battles

• massive online community of players

• detailed interactive map

• inimitable flavor of the Middle Ages

• FREE medieval MMO-game

System Requirements

• OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

• CPU: x86, 800 MHz

• RAM: 2 GB

• DirectX: 8.1 or later

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